About Us

Svenska Bostadsfonden is an independent real estate company that offers individuals, companies and institutional investors direct ownership in Swedish residential rental property. The company was founded in 2003 by people with decades of experience in real estate and property management. The company's Advisory Boards also consist of leading Swedish authorities from both municipality owned real estate companies and the academic research field.

Svenska Bostadsfonden's vision is to offer possibilities to invest directly in properties to a wide spectrum of investors. Previously such investments have been reserved for organisations and individuals with large amounts of capital and an advanced understanding of the real estate market. Svenska Bostadsfonden offers an easy way to create a diversified real estate portfolio with attractive returns and a minimal correlation with other markets, including the stock markets.

Svenska Bostadsfonden:

  • Founded in 2003
  • Sweden's fastest growing public real estate fund that focus solely on Swedish residential rental property
  • Approximately 20 % of the funds investors are professional real estate owners
  • Manages real estate worth approximately EUR 250 million
  • Manages 3 500 apartments in 19 cities
  • Has an ambitious environment policy with quantitative energy consumption goals
  • Works actively with apartment letting and property management on a local level

Our Property Management

Keeping the standard of our property management on a high and stable level for all our properties is one our key focuses. By utilising the advantages of a large organization as well as our local competence and experience in our local and region offices, we aim to provide a stable and continuous service for our tenants. We often hire part of the existing property management team when acquiring new apartment buildings to ensure an easy transition for new tenants.

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